The Unlikely Companion (Part 2)

It was Monday. My first test of college. And i was hung over. Not that i hadn’t been hung over, just never before a test. And how i hated myself for it. My hair felt like it had plastic in them that reached into and scratched my brains! My breath stank, but my clothes thankfully, not so rotten.I still needed a Bath though.I hated that feeling of having residual dried sweat on my skin. Dirty but clean. But my main problem right now was Keynes, and his Stupid(well not so stupid)Macroeconomic theory , the only part i hadn’t read for today’s examination. And it was eating me up.

But i had it all worked out. Despite the Slovenly clothes and mind-splitting headache, here i was, an hour early, in class Going through Xeroxed Notes, and Maynard Keynes and his theory would be processed by the corner of my brain meant for processing Maynard Keynes’s theories.. God , I really was thankful to him for today, it was just in that last moment, when i had slipped in the photostat into my Purse the night before.But Had i left the toughest part for last or what? . I mean I liked having a Fun …”Hey , you’re the girl from last night, aren’t you?” A voice said interrupting my chain of thought. Suddenly, this voice was the reason why i wasn’t getting Keynes into my head! “Can’t you see I’m trying to study , there’s a test tod..” I snapped , looking up from the ink on the notes i see the face of the guy who gave me whiskey yesterday. Uh Oh, i’d snarled at the wrong person.

To be fair, he was interrupting me, i would have said the same thing to every other person in his place. I quickly sent a repair statement, “Oh Hi, I’m sorry, just assimilating as much as i can before this Economics test, just a little irritable”. He was rather moved by the answer,as in, he came and sat on the very next seat, and plonked his head into the Notes. “Really , what are you studying”. God why couldn’t he take a hint and move ahead? “Keynes? why are you studying Keynesian economics?”. This was it, If this guy was trying the ‘Oh i’m so cute and nerdy and helpful’ act, it wasn’t going to work.What did he think he was even going to achieve?. For God’s sake, i needed to study, and my time was precious. I replied curtly “Because its part of the syllabus and i’m yet to read it, and its going to come in the test today due Today”. “Oh, you’re right about the syllabus , but you’re wrong about it coming in today’s test”.

Suddenly, a very irritable me turned into a very relieved person who said “What ? really? are you sure?”. There was doubt swimming in my mind, because this was the guy selling alcohol to me the day before, and here he was appearing to be some sort of an omniscient force on the contents of the exams! “Positive, he mentioned it in his last class! weren’t you there?”. Wait, what was he doing in my class, i was in my class, not him! “You’re in my class?” i blurted out as if that was my biggest problem right now!  “Yeah, sure,and trust me, i’ve been writing this test for 3 years, never has a Question from Keynes ever come in it?”. Oh , so that’s why he was in my class, he was an idiot. A dumb idiot who was taking the class again because he failed 3 times!! No wonder he sold alcohol to us freshers! Mystery solved.

“Oh, Thank you so much. That’s a big relief.”. Just then i realised, that even after a commercial transaction with the guy, a loong, mostly pointless conversation, i still didn’t know his name. And i wasn’t gonna say you first this time”I’m sorry, i don’t think we’ve been properly introduced , Hi,  I’m Jetty, and you are?”. And He was…