The Unlikely Companion(Part 1)

“Tell you what, lets make this interesting, i’ll give you the whiskey for free today, if you can make it in 5 minutes, starting now”. Nothing like making a guy run for his booze especially when they’re willing to do it. Creacity, strangest place in the world.The poorest here could afford to fly business class all over the world and yet here were their kids,  running for whiskey ,for kicks. I”d let myself ruminate in my thoughts, but then i heard a knock and a high pitched huffing-puffing voice say “wrongtones”, the password for the day. No password, no doors open for you, at least Not of your friendly neighbourhood bootlegger.
I was impressed, this dude was getting free booze from me, definitely, I hadn’t expected it. then i opened the door, and there she stood, Catching her breath, and i was stunned for a while, no, not because she was that breath-taking, but because i thought to myself, “Wow , does she have a manly voice or what!” , I must’ve said it out loud, because she said, “Not me… Boyfriend”.
My manners came back to me, although in hindsight, it all might seem very sexist in a way, but what better than perfume to get the best out in a man. “Oh , that explains it. Come on in. Have a seat, i’ll get you your booze”. She was resting on the sofa, and was almost breathing normally, and sweating profusely when i returned . “Here you go, double black and here’s a glass of water, both are completely on the house”. She ignored the water, and took a swig from the bottle, who’s cap she had savagely thrown away, and it was indefinitely lost behind the sofa in the civilization of cobwebs that thrived back there.
“Dude, i wouldn’t have come here if i wanted the water, i wanted the alc . Oh By the way that was my boyfriend on the phone, and he’s lost in the other building, you know, the one..?” I cut her off completing “the one that looks exactly like this on the other side of the road??” “Exactly, that one” she replied, and just maybe i saw a twinge of wonder in her eye as to how i knew what had happened. “Rookie Mistake” we said, in Unison. “Aren’t you a fresher too??” . She finished a greedy gulp before replying, “To this stuff , ‘course not. Could you just do one more favour and call him up?” . This banter was getting too friendly,  “Well , actually i can’t, its against bootlegging policy, you see, you’re a customer, not a friend, and trust me, I’ve given you enough incentive for today, to come back tomorrow”.
“Fair enough. Goodbye … whats your name again ” , well my name, she would get to know it soon enough if she attended her classes, but for some reason, i didn’t want to tell it, so this is what i told her “Well, you know my number and my profession not to mention address, i think thats enough for today”. She smiled, turned and walked out of the door. Little did i know, that this transaction with her was far from over.