I Don’t Want To Like You!!

I Started out saying yeah she’s okay. I mean nothing against her you know. Unfortunately for me , i kept meeting her. There the problem began. I said , hey your company is welcome (well, that’s not what i said per se, but u catch my drift) . She was like one of those moneyplant creepers, growing slowly, so you won’t know that they are, but before you knew it, they’re all over you!! Only in this case, i was all over her.. or at least wanted to be, wait that’s stretching the metaphor a bit too much.
Anyways, now the situation had become such that i worried, when will i meet her. Oh, her hair, Oh her smile, Oh her ear, Oh her .. no i’ll stop here. I couldn’t stop dreaming about her. Everywhere i saw , she was there. Okay it wasn’t even funny !! I was obsessed by now. Oh, But she, she had none the least idea what was going on. So i say, screw the rules f engagement. i’m going in!. so i go up to her and i’m like “hey there, i like you” awkward pause… “a lot”. would you like to have an ice cream with me sometime??. And then she says, she says, the worst thing you can imagine. yeah , that’s right… “I like you as a friend!!”. Well Screw You !!! I dont wanna be friends!!. in fact i wanna curl up in a ball and break your face with a headbutt at the same time!!!
But obviously, you don’t do that.. because lets face it so what, u still like her. You walk away, crying, awkwardly, any which way. but you walk away. It takes time… but you get over her. the sun’s brighter yetta yetta yetta…. You even like love songs again. Yes you’re that okay.
And then… Then Another of that kind strolls into your life… Please girl, I Dont want to like You!! But alas, its too Late…