“One” two many.

There sure is more than One copy of this.

There sure is more than One copy of this.

I recently had the privilege of getting my hands on a very thought provoking book, “One” By Richard Bach. I enjoyed every word of it. I mean it is interesting to imagine isn’t it,if there were a version of you in another parallel universe, whose life could be radically different, just because, someplace, somewhere in life , that you,  took a different turn; and to further sweeten the deal, what if you could get a chance to meet that you!!!
The Question is, Would you really want to?…

I mean sure you could be a successful businessman, have the ideal soulmate, or the perfect physique, or a thousand other of your fantasies come true, material or otherwise . But what if that version of you was a felon, a soldier who’d killed countless times following orders, Maybe a drug dealer, or worse yet a rapist?? i Mean if there are infinite parallel universes with infinite possibilities, your alter ego might just be your worst nightmare too. But i guess that’s just a chance we all have to take if we ever really could move between alternate universes… But there’s no imminent worry because intradimensional travel is just as likely right now as me eating two burgers five days a row, for a month and ending up with six pack abs.(I actually tried that Once, yeah… didn’t work)
Another point that stirred me harder than a coffee being mixed during a thriller(Yes People do drink coffees during thrillers), was the point that all humans on Earth Right now, Yes, the same universe, are all reflections of oneself, or one self. That is we are all One. Now that is what scares me. Is there a bond so strong, that every human being is connected to one another, If there is, why don’t i feel it? Do you feel it? One-ness with everything around you. If such a bond is there , i guess i just can’t connect as well as i used to.

It’s easier to connect as a baby , you cry or you give that cute adorable smile, or if you really don’t like a person you pee on them! No formality there. But as you grow up, you’re more formal, polite, but what’s better to be cold and polite, or rude and warm? And is there a mean between these two states of communication, cause its so damn hard to see  “one”. True there is communication through facebook, and ofcourse this blog and so many other blogs. But that’s often speaking to oneself, or to a version of the person you want to speak with…
But before i start blaming Alexander for making the telephone which would be the root cause of all problems( that and killing millions in his conquest of the world!, terrible deed that); Lets ask ourselves a more fundamental question. How many people have you come across that you felt were genuine, not of the same views, not of original fresh views either, just genuine, as in whatever they reveal of themselves to you is not a facade, its authentic (God that sounds So much like an anti-piracy Ad!!) . Those kind of people i can connect with, even if i vehemently oppose everything they stand for ( say for example they are of the view that Windows phone sucks, Apples are silver in color dot dot dot ).

So even though; i like being me And why the hell would i be you; i can feel one;  correction : i can try to feel one , with somebody who’s genuine towards me, honest. But otherwise, no , not really, i’m one and your one prime we ain’t the same buddy!!
Another thing that did come to my mind was , boy o boy, do they need to make an Awesome TV show on this book!!


Unequal Yet Only Just.

…Seven Billion…
If you counted them one by one, it would take a hell lot of time, and by the time you were done, it would be much more than seven billion, so your count would be futile. In this World which i truly believe has crossed the carrying capacity of Earth by a long shot, what are we mean’t to do? “Do what you love” or “Start Loving what you do”. That pretty much answers everything doesn’t it. Because you’re either in this category or the other. But what i realized as i read into that line was , That inequality is inbuilt into the system, and you have to make peace with it. The only difference between someone who parks a car , and someone who drives it (for purposes, you know other than parking) is a college degree the latter could afford. So education, what level of it you have more or less decides where society slots you. Whether you end up cleaning toilets, plates, rooms, or your boss’s feet. Okay, lets say that’s fair enough.
Now imagine Everybody’s as educated (or as dumb)  as everybody else. How do you differentiate(fairly) then?? And let me mention that i’m not even going into gender equality here. Now lets say everybody’s  a brainiac, 3 eyes in the forehead, formulating theorems all day long. suddenly they get hungry, and not one in the entire world knows how to cook a meal. so they go back keep making formulae, and then they starve to the afterlife , where they continue making formulae for heaven…
Exaggeration to emphasize what point exactly??  We need to be self sufficient to a good level, we can’t simply say, that my job is to Make huge ships that can’t sink(and yes this is after the titanic), so somebody else who can’t has an obligation to feed me, to clothe me, to clean me. It’s not their obligation and will never be. No, someone who makes less than you ,  who works a manual job, has anatomical dfferences ,   even if that particular person is dumber than you; It does not imply That they’re yours to command!
We aren’t Created equal, we’re all created different, and we all will be slotted differently in life most of the time unfairly even. But what we all have is a right to EGO. That minimum amount of self respect, and we better give it to every person we meet. Because no matter how high your stack of cards may be, remember someone’s always got it bigger.