Indian. Actor. IITian. I’m a regular Guy(i’d say dude, but that’d be a lie).
Student, but not studious. Have had decade and a half of education, only recently have i begun to learn.
Watch Tv , I do. A lot of It. 104 television shows to be exact and counting. Some say it’s misspent childhood, but hey it could have been worse.
Not an avid reader because people are so much more interesting to read.
and if it matters, Four eyed! ::-P. (okay i just wrote that so i could type the smiley like that).
My posts here Range from Tv shows to Philosophy to stories!! hope you like them!!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. TV shows is what makes life worth living, some people say its lame, but I find some of them really inspirational even the dumbest shows have something to teach you 😛

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